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with advanced SharePoint solutions & predictive analytics

Certain business stresses are inevitable, but those caused by inefficient processes are not one of them. ORO Tech Services was founded in 2017 to alleviate this unnecessary strain for companies large and small. We started as a SharePoint content management and workflow solutions provider, but as our clients’ needs grew, so did our capabilities.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our services to include business intelligence and predictive analytics, enterprise cloud transformations, and mobility based on one unwavering belief: There has to be a better way to enhance operations, engage employees and elevate growth. This conviction has and will continue to push our team of more than 100 tech experts to explore beyond technology’s basic functions and develop new accelerators that ease minds, resources and wallets.

Technology has evolved; our vision hasn’t

ORO Tech Services has been a people-first company since day one, with a single, unbreakable focus: to make business life better for our clients. We accomplish this by continually building on our core competencies. ORO Tech Services is diligently working toward providing more personalized, rich and responsive user experiences; improved predictive analytics for even smarter decision making; and more cost-efficient solutions that drive exceptional results in all areas of business.

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Gupta Muvvala

General Manager

For more than 10 years, Gupta Muvvala has demonstrated success in leading, managing and delivering technology projects in software development and software as a service ...

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Our thriving company is always on the lookout for team members who are passionate about helping people and who know how to use technology to do so. If this describes you — and if “supportive, innovative and inclusive” describes your ideal employer.

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